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About Bridson Design

At the heart of Bridson Design is Peter's creativity and almost endless quest to build things stronger and better. It's a quest partly driven by seeing equipment regularly broken when farmers test the limits and beyond of their equipment. It's also a quest sometimes tempered by cries of "It's too heavy".

We're determined to create equipment that will stand up to the rigours of farming; something Peter understands after repairing his own gear during 12 years of agricultural contracting, 13 years of farming and another 12 of repairing other farmer's equipment at Tokoroa Welding.

In 2006 Peter upgraded from drawing his designs on a drawing board and bought SolidWorks; 3D CAD design software that let's him design the entire model in 3D, easily make the drawings for parts and assemblies and so much more. With support and training from Intercad, designing has reached a new level for us.

Please contact us for any further details and/or prices on products or custom builds from the Products section.

Bridson Design - Built Stronger to Last Longer

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